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Join the Trapping Inc TV Сommunity and become a part of the movement, get exclusive content and special offers and interact with Rich and Sandi.

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  • Free membership

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  • Access all content including exclusive and ad-free content

  • Post and comment on content and discussion

  • Join live chats with Rich Mellon and rest of the supporters

  • Access to Trapping TV contest - Win a trapline trip and guest appearance on trapping inc TV Season 8! 3 days 2 nights on the trapline with Rich and Sandi in Northern Alberta. You must be a supporter to enter and at the time of drawing.

  • Only $5.00 per month



"Trapping Inc. is just not about trapping it is about a community of like-minded people that shares a lot of good times by what they post.  Rich and Sandy are great people and put out quality videos hat leave you wanting more!"

Paul Huval


Win a trapline trip!
3 days 2 nights on 
the trapline with 
Rich and Sandi. 

*You must be a supporter to enter and at the time of drawing.

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