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We have been so busy with family (now grandparents to 7!), Outdoor Quest TV (1999-2017) Married to the Hunt TV (2020-2021) It is hard to believe but we are now preparing to launch Season 10 of Trapping Inc TV! Our 45 years together have been busy and very blessed.


Ten years have passed since Rich and Sandi bought their current registered trapline. The line that Trapping Inc was launched on and millions of fans have watched Rich and Sandi explore and learn their line and the resident fur bearers.  

The primary focus was to educate folks on how the industry has adopted humane trapping standards, and remains the most important tool available for the control and conservation of wild animals. Trapping Inc’s popularity has surprised even Rich. Trapping Inc is a perennial top outdoor programming series in Canada – 5 years running with million viewers watching.  

Rich has always lived the life hunting and fishing from the cradle. Sandi took her first steps down the wild path soon after marrying Rich. Sandi is not bothered by much – some people think she's fearless but she is definitely not a girlie girl. She's at home in plush offices, sitting in a deer blind, pitching a tent in high mountain areas, or freezing her butt off in an Argo or on a snowmobile. It's just about getting the job done and living life to its fullest.  Rich and Sandi live their credo to the fullest everyday: "This isn't a dress rehearsal for life, this is life”

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