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Welcome EZ-Clean to Trapping Inc!

Anyone who follows us and Trapping Inc knows that we don't use or promote just any product. We promote the best product in the category. When a trapping buddy told me about a cleaner and deodorizer that wasn't really a cleaner I was intrigued. EZ-Clean is actually a concentrated bacteria that dissolves urine, feces, blood any organic and deodorizes at the same time. Dog get skunked? Make sure its wet and spray with EZ-Clean. I used EZ-Clean on my daughter-in-laws stinky ducks in my shop this winter and it works! EZ-Clean doesn't mask odors it eats them. Pet safe, Sandi's peony has been taking a beating from the boys lifting their leg on it. 3 days of EZ-Clean if they peed on the plant and they lost interest. Here is a video from the owner Joel.

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