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Send us your trapping pictures and a blurb about where you trap and we will get them up here!

Hey Rich and Sandi!

Here's a season end pict of some of our fur. 11 other wolves not pictured - tanned and sold privately, or hanging in local reserve gas bars for sale :-)

One neat story for you (see picts) - the kids nailed their first wolverine (very rare here) in a stucco wire cat set this year (where so you suppose we got that idea)?!! The youngest jumps off the skidoo and yells "dad! we got a bear cub over here!" It had a light coat of snow on it. Interestingly, notice that the big brute male (43 lbs) got a 330 headache on his way OUT of the pen! He climbed a tree to get in - just EXACTLY like Mr. Schaub described they sometimes do! Anyway, awesome knowledge from that feller I tell ya!

Take good care, keep looking up with both hands on the plow,

Yours in fur and faith,

Rick 4 the Mikesh tribe

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Cheers, Rich

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