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May 2023 Fur Harvesters Auction Results

The news is good! March was the first auction in 3 years to have international buyers show up in person and the prices reflected that. May continued the strong sale trend and buoyant prices. Beaver in March carried a $30 USD average driven buy a strong hat felt market. Marten fisher otter all trended up and lynx was very positive with a $122 USD average. The May sale picked up where March left off. Top dollar marten was $80 USD and I had one in it! Male fisher commanded a higher price than female for a change, probably signalling a move into trim for fisher as compare to the traditional hat market. Muskrat was soft with mostly unsold pelts held back to maintain value. Muskrat prices are directly controlled by the ranch mink market. If female mink are cheap the muskrat has no demand.

Coyote also remains depressed. My lower quality pelts sold and none of the I-II and selects. Part of the problem is my dogs are all C-D color and A-B is the most desired.

All great news for our industry!

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