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Hip Surgery Part 7 Getting home!

The worst part about having to travel for surgery is you have to travel after surgery to get home. We traveled on Day 3 post surgery which is the worst day for swelling. I did not know this.

We got to the airport in Montreal very early for our flight. The folks at Air Canada were absolutely first class. They got me in wheelchair, checked us in and a nice lady pushed me through the check in process until we got to security. And there is where the wheels fell off. I have traveled a lot and usually with guns but never no where in the world have I ever been treated worse than in Montreal. It starts with this young fellow standing in front of a sign that says "It is your right to be served in either official language." He is saying in very broken English that he doesn't speak any English. I said I speak zero French. Sandi explains that I've had surgery and where - in English. What the hell are we supposed to do? He proceeds to swab the airport wheelchair for explosives.... while doing this he stumbles over my extended leg. I go white and I think Momma Honey Badger Sandi is going to punch him. A supervisor grabs her in time. Sandi is outraged and yelling and the security guy is laughing and saying its OK. While the supervisor is translating Sandi's words security shoves his hand down along my incision. At this point Sandi starts screaming for another supervisor and this shit show just goes down hill from there. I finally stand up because security now needs to shove his hands down the back of my pants. Honest to God I am there in a pair of sweats and a T-shirt. I have NEVER been so badly treated and we have travelled in many 3rd world countries. I finally get Sandi calmed down and we aren't going to jail and we clear security and head for the Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge.

Of all the interactions we had with Air Canada on this trip the lounge was a huge letdown. It is old and grimy. There are no beds and the recliners broke so long ago they have been immobilized in a upright position. I needed to get my legs above my heart to stop swelling and that wasn't possible. By the time we got on the plane my leg was very swollen. By the time we landed in Edmonton it was so swollen I couldn't bend it anymore.

We grabbed a hotel room at the airport and I got the leg up and ice on the incision. One of the hilarious things was the hotel room was set at 54 degrees F! I could have hung meat in there! It was up to 69 F by morning.

Next morning I climbed in the back of Sandi's SUV head to the back and elevated my leg with ice. My gal drove me the 4.5 hours home in style!

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