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Hip Surgery Part 5

......... I came too in the OR as there were they were pulling tape off my backside and hip. Dr Hart was very cheerful and said I had bled very little. I asked to see the used parts and he looked a little shocked. LOL He grabbed the old hip ball to show me. The wear pattern was cool to look at. I thought there would be a flat spot but instead picture a 2" diameter ball. Take a 3/4" wide Band-Aid long enough to drape over the top of the ball and half way down the sides. The Band-Aid with the full radiused rounded ends. That was the wear pattern in the hip ball and this path was ground flat into the bone. I had really got the last step out of it! Of course there is no pain in bone but all that debris floating around is very painful to the flesh, tendons and cartilage. I wish I had my phone to take a picture.

I got wheeled out to the recovery room which was moot at that point. I was offered a coffee and I said "Hells ya!" At 11:44 am I got my phone and sent a reassuring text to my darling.

"Seaske. All hoof my love."

I followed that up a few minutes later with "Awake, All good my love." I didn't want her too think I'd lost more than a bad hip in there! LOL

By 10 I had a coffee and a fruit cup under my belt. At 2 I walked to the bathroom to pee and by 4 I was getting the handiwork x-rayed.

The next morning Dr Hart came to chat before I was moved to the convalescence ward. He said the surgery had went very well, I chose the posterior approach as he could get a larger diameter ball and socket in. He said he had to add 3 millimeter to my leg to make both legs the same length. I found that fascinating. He also gave me half a wheel alignment. All my life I have been out toed, meaning my toes point to the out away from my forward path. Now my left foot points perfectly forward! LOL

My x-ray of the new hardware. I love the staple track down my hip.

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