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Hip Surgery Day 25

Life is great! I started walking as soon as I got home. I made it out to the gate (1/2 mile round trip) the first day and built from there. I average 3 miles or more a day and have a personal best of 4.4 so far. I'm not even taking Tylenol any more. I do have an ache or two but walking makes them feel better or go away. I over did it a bit two days ago but a day in the office has eased the issues. It is easy to understand when you have a traumatic invasive surgery that there will be some minor discomfort. Best part is I have slept in my own bed since I got home! For the last 43 years I have woke during the night and listened to my darling bride softly snore beside me and been comforted and lulled off to sleep. To be able to do that again is more than worth the price of admission!

The way I understood the Dr. is the meat heals up and that holds everything in place. At 6 weeks the bone is starting to fuse to the fixture. Complete fusion takes months. I have my 6 week check May 4 and I'll update then.

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1 Comment

Apr 27, 2023

Best Wishes on a swift and complete recovery Rich...!

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