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Hip Surgery Continued...

I am a volunteer for the Wild Sheep Foundation of Alberta . I sit on the board of directors and as such fulfill several roles. One job I do is edit and publish the quarterly magazine. Let me back up there a bit. It is now a quarterly magazine. Previous to my sojourn it was lucky to be an annual. Which is a shame as communication is more important today than it ever has been. I've worked hard to increase our members participation and I have now published 6 magazines since taking over in November 2021. Our members have responded and what was once a 32 page business newsletter is now a 68 page outdoor magazine. I'm proud of my members and the work we have accomplished together.

Why I mention this is because the spring issue had to go to the printer before my surgery. The Bighorn Banquet our major fundraiser was scheduled for the first weekend in March as well. Beyond my unpaid volunteer work was my pay-for-the-mortgage job, Trapping Inc TV. I did not know how long I'd be out of commission, or unable to sit in my office chair. My first episodes were due before surgery so I banked in some extra just in case. Its not like I was wasting time sleeping anyway!

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