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Did you know?

If there is a above average abundance of pollen from willow and poplar that bees can make honey from the nectar of the trees? This year is unusual, Mother Nature's timing is half a step off. Normally the willows produce catkins or pussy willows and then after they peak the poplars (white aspen) go off. All important very important in the life cycle of the bees. The pollen helps to quickly feed and rebuild the hive's storehouse of food. This year things were progressing normally and then overnight the temperatures went from freezing every night to 20 C (70F) (Thank God!) and the poplars leapfrogged the willows. Instead of a slow week long greening the leaves popped in less than day. Crazily there is still lots of frost in the ground and while we have green leaves I can't drive posts for the pig corral expansion.

If you look at the video you can see the loads of pollen the bees are packing into the hive.

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