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Just back from a trapping trip to Saskatchewan with my buddy Ryan Demchynski

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

I had a fabulous time with Ryan and Landon! Once again Ryan proved that the harder you work the luckier you are! In Saskatchewan racoon den and hibernate for all or at least part of the winter. The denning sites are old farmhouses, granaries and outbuildings.

Racoon are extremely destructive damaging buildings and crops stored in granaries. While everyone can agree with the need to trap and control coyote and wolf populations when pets and humans are attacked other folks have problems with what seems to be a cute fur ball the racoon being trapped and killed. The truth is coons are the largest carriers of rabies and distemper in the province. Horrible diseases that sicken and kill livestock, pets and humans. Racoons are the poster child for the necessity of trappers to be the buffer between the wild and civilization.

These are the first coons I have ever trapped or handled for that matter and the fur was so dense that it stands straight out from the body no matter which way you rub it. I think if all coon hides were of this luxurious quality the coon fur would be very popular!!

This trip will make a fabulous episode of Season 7 of Trapping Inc TV.

You can find the first 6 Seaons of Trappin inc TV on line at our exclusive community

Cheers, Rich

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