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Sandi and I were back at Garretts Broken Arrow Lodge for another week of spectacular fishing. We drove to Ft MacMurray Alberta on the 22 an 8 hour trip from our home. The next morn ing we flew in to the lodge arriving just after lunch. We got out that evening for some lake trout fishing and caught several in the 26-28 pound range but no real giants. Flat water greeted us Monday morning and we made the 20 plus mile run to a walleye river at the west end of the lake. The guys in the other boats were 10 minutes behind us and by the time they got there we had already caught a dozen beautiful eyes ranging from 24" to 27". In less than an hour we used up the 2 tubs of minnows we had brought with us and had caught and released over 50 fish. A giant black bear swam the river right in front of us and we got some spectacular video footage.

It was a trip for many firsts and personal bests. Sandi caught her biggest pike at 39", I caught a 45" pike that I'll bet was close to 30 pounds and I caught my biggest laker to date at 40"x27" and 36.45 pounds. We are booked into go back next year!

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