Send us a photo of you on your trapline with a catch, or in front of your cabin and a short write-up about your photo and we'll post it here. Let us know where you trap! You can send your photo to . Click each image for a larger view.

Gordy Klassen Jim Mitchell Albert Callbeck
Barry Unger Rob & Dakota Miskosky Anne & Lloyd Coles
Joanne & Darrell Walde Joel Poschenrieder Brian Snyder
Theron G Tim Jensen Ron Lancour
Peter Pemberton Denys Bell Darin McNabb
Jeff Eno Jon Shapka Shaun Jahnke
Phil Cahoon Dave Unger Chris P
Jerry Baker The Graham Family Garrett Tully
David Striga Garry Pahlke Perry Warren
Jordan Rowswell Melvin Jackman Eric Boudreau
Brent Kuntz Luke Turcotte Chris Rawlake
Wayne Peters Jeff Thompson  
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