Trapping Inc. is educational and entertaining and is the first trapping show that is filmed and produced by trappers for trappers. No phony made up drama, just trapping. Produced by the Outdoor Quest Productions, the same people who have been bringing you Outdoor Quest TV for the last 15 years.

Trapping Inc. will air 4 times a week starting December 29, 2014.

Episode 1: Rich and Sandi trap open water fall rats using a new system.
Episode 2: Sandi learns foot holding coyotes from one of the best - Stan Forsyth.
Episode 3: Rich and Sandi are out after early season marten and fisher.
Episode 4: Ermine are the target along with a new wood shed for the line.
Episode 5: Rich is reopening and expanding his lynx snare pen line as the season opens.
Episode 6: Rich visits with Matt on his new registered line and Sandi wants the cabin bathroom renovated.
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