We have been so busy with family (now grandparents to 5 1/2!), Outdoor Quest TV (for the past 17 years) and life in general that it was hard to imagine adding anything else to our schedule. Our TV work reintroduced Rich to his youth and gave him a glimpse into the life of a modern day trapper. This renewed interest meant taking the Alberta Trapper’s Association trapper's course. What happened next must have been meant to be – right after the course was completed and we had our trapper's certificates, a registered trapline became available in Northern Alberta. It didn't take long to decide that this was a perfect opportunity to make a much needed change in our lives and get back to the land at the most primordial level.

After 38 years with Rich, Sandi says that nothing comes as a surprise anymore. Trapping was always something that Rich spoke of fondly. When they found an opportunity to purchase a trapline it was full speed ahead. Sandi is not bothered by much – some people think she's fearless but she is definitely not a girlie girl. She's at home in plush offices, sitting in a deer blind, pitching a tent in high mountain areas, or freezing her butt off in an Argo or on a snowmobile. It's just about getting the job done and living life to its fullest. "This isn't a dress rehearsal for life, this is life", is one of her favourite sayings.

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